Streaming and its effect on the Music Industry.

Ever since the rise of internet, it has been hard to stop people from downloading music illegally. .
Recently however, Streaming has become popular. Streaming is listening to music legally in real time. It is a continuous stream of data. You can do it ¬†free through YouTube (Vevo), or other paid websites and services, Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music being the most popular. Members of the these streaming service sites pay $5-$10 a month for unlimited streams. For members, it is a much better deal. You are getting thousands of songs for less than you would pay for a full album. This is why streaming is so popular. Many people, especially artists and producers believe streaming is ruining the music industry. If people are streaming music, then the artists and producers are not getting as much money as they would if people bought music. Artists like Taylor Swift, Adele and Prince have even taken their music down from certain streaming services. These artists are still getting paid through royalties, but still they are still not getting paid as much. Tidal is a streaming service which originated in Norway. In 2015, rapper Jay-Z purchased Aspiro, a streaming company that owned Tidal. Tidal’s mission is based on streaming the highest quality music to its subscribers, paying the proper royalties to the artists, and delivering Tidal exclusive content. Rihanna and Kanye West have released their new albums on Tidal. Many of other mainstream artists have signed deals with Tidal to release exclusive content as well. Apple Music is the newest streaming service exclusive to iPhone users. Even with low prices, exclusive content, and high quality people still refuse to pay for music. Streaming is revolutionizing the industry and is helping artists get as much royalties as they can for their art.


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