My first SYNDICATE Campaign

I recently got hired as a marketing representative for an entertainment marketing agency based in New Jersey. Considering that I want work in the industry, I was super excited to be brought on board as a “Synner” (Marketing Rep). I had my first campaign last week in San Francisco at the Fillmore. There was a show for a Metal band called Disturbed and I was there to promote another metal band, BABYMETAL after the show. I arrived super early to ensure that I would not be too late. I explored the area and walked past the venue a few times to get an idea of where I would be working. Before I knew it, it was time to work! People starting coming out of the venue early and I started handed out flyers left and right. Then all of a sudden thousands of people began to flow out. It was really time to work at this point. The atmosphere was so exciting but kind of intimidating. The guys selling t-shirts almost got into a fight while fans screamed as they met the band. It was awesome and nothing like I have ever experienced. I can say that this campaign solidified my desire to work in the music industry. As hard as it was to get people to take pictures and take my flyers, it was so fun and so worth it.


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