Purpose Tour Review

Before March 17th, 2016 I honestly could not say that I was a Belieber ..but after March 17th I am definitely a Belieber! I work at an arena so one of the perks is being able to see shows while getting paid. I have seen a lot of shows that I probably would have never seen if it were not for this job.
When I arrived at work on the 17th, I was originally assigned to a position outside searching bags and wanding guests as they entered the arena. I got moved to work in the arena a little later only missing one song of Justin’s set. I walked in to see colorful lights and cool effects shining all over the arena while 13,000 people screamed “JUSTIN, JUSTIN, JUSTIN”. I have worked a lot of shows but this was by far the most overwhelming crowd. When I entered he was just wrapping up his song “I’ll Show You” from his most recent album, Purpose. “I’ll Show You” transitioned into a performance of “The Feeling”, his electro r&b duet with newcomer Halsey. This set featured Halsey on the video screen with awesome visual effects and lights. After performing more songs from Purpose, one of which included a trampoline above the audience, he transitioned into some ‘throwbacks’. He performed classics that everyone (yes, everyone) either knows or has heard before like “As Long As You Love Me” Ft. Big Sean and “Boyfriend”. After more songs from Purpose he performed two of his signature songs, “What Do You Mean?” and “Baby”. He closed the show with his biggest hit to date, “Sorry”, featuring water which fell from the “sky” in the arena.

Overall, I really enjoyed working this show. Almost so much so that I found myself saying “I wish I bought a ticket” like 4 times to myself. What I enjoyed the most was not only the music, but the effects and staging. Justin is a big skater so he had skating ramps on stage and had some of his dancers skate during a set. It’s always cool to see artists add personal touches to their productions. The trampoline stage was also cool(if you don’t think about how dangerous it probably was). It was the staging and production value that impressed me also. Justin does not have the best reputation. One thing I noticed was the lengths him and his team went to change this reputation. He brought a fan on stage and let her tie his hair. He also brought a bunch of local kid dancers on stage to dance behind him during one song. He introduced them to the audience as well. As someone who wants to possibly be a talent manager, I admire the effort and I see how this could work to help one’s image.
The show was great overall and I honestly regret not buying a ticket. I’ll be at the next one for sure.


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