Purple Reign Tour

On March 19th, Rapper Future concluded his Purple Reign Tour here at San Jose State. It was the first hip-hop show in a while, and the first rapper I have seen perform here since I came to SJSU. Needless to say, we were all very excited to a rapper perform here in the midst of all the raves on campus.
When I entered, all you could see was purple lights. The stage was illuminated and there were giant screens behind it. It was a giant party in the middle of the SJSU event center until finally, Rapper/Singer Ty Dolla$ opened up the show! Ty Dolla$ performed his biggest hits, including Blase, Paranoid, and Or Nah. He even performed his new song Saved and brought popular Bay Area Rapper E-40(who is featured on the song) to perform it with him. He also brought out famous Dj, DJ Mustard.
And finally, the moment we all were waiting for. The lights went dim and the screens began to play an introduction video. Future finally came out and opened with the first song from his album Dirty Sprit 2, Thought It Was a Drought. The crowd went crazy as they sang along. Future then transitioned into Move That Dope, Karate Chop, Where Ya At, Serve The Base and more. Then suddenly Future left to take a break and had his DJ, DJ Esco come out and play hype man for a few minutes. Future came back about 5 minutes and performed more of hits. He performed Diamonds Dancing, Jersey, Jumpman and I’m The Plug, all from his mixtape with Rapper Drake. At this point, we were all eager to see if he was going to bring Drake out; however, he did not. The show closed with Future’s title track, Purple Reign.

Overall, the Purple Reign tour was fun. It was more of a party with live music than anything. Future is a pretty good performer. He did not get tired, remembers all his words and kept the energy up which is hard to do. Future’s set lasted for about an hour which is standard for most shows nowadays. The Purple Reign tour was a great time and I am happy the tour ended in Bay. I will be looking forward to the Summer 16 tour with Drake.


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