Beyonce’s 6th album was one of those things that we knew as on the way, but ever since the release of her last surprise album, there was not telling when we would get it.
On April 23rd, Beyonce premiered her album movie titled ‘Lemonade’ on HBO and dropped her album with the same title right after. Lemonade opens up with ‘Pray You Catch Me’, a piano ballad which is clearly about some dishonesty taking place in a relationship. ‘Hold Up’ is the next track and it might be my favorite. It has a a nice reggae vibe and includes a lyric sample of Soulja Boy’s “Turn My Swag On”…Random. Hold Up is the best song production wise in my opinion. ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ is the third track which features Jack White! It has a nice consistent drum beat with cool guitars coming in and out throughout the song. Beyonce is clearly angry in this song and is even yelling during the second verse. Jack White assists Beyonce with “Don’t Yourself’ on the chorus which gives it gives it that punk flair. ‘Sorry’ seems to be one of the few radio friendly songs on Lemonade. ‘Sorry’ combines a trap beat with a pop melody. It is a very cool combination and works for this song. Track 5 is ‘6 Inch’ and features Canadian singer The Weeknd(for about 10 seconds). I enjoy this song a lot. Their voices mesh nicely on this one. The biggest surprise on Lemonade has to be ‘Daddy Lessons’. It is a full out country song and although Beyonce is from Texas, a country song is probably the last thing we all expected. She even throws in some “yeee-haws” in there. ‘Sandcastles’ is another piano ballad which transitions into an interlude ‘Forward’ featuring James Blake. Next up is ‘Freedom’ which has a familiar sounding beat. I realized it is the beat that she has been using in her tour promo and other commercials this year. ‘Freedom’ is a powerful track where Beyonce subtly touches on the racial injustices that have been taking place recently(it is a lot more clear in the video). Kendrick Lamar is featured on this one which is very fitting. ‘All Night’a bluesy r&b track about all types of love closes out Lemonade.

Lemonade is an interesting album. It is not like anything I have heard Beyonce do before. She is being honest about her personal life, speaking up on political issues and even has a song of almost every popular genre on the album. I like the message and vulnerability on the album, however; music wise I do not think this is her best. Something is missing from it and I am not quite sure what. Her last album had everything this one does and more(minus the songs about political issues). However, I do believe that Beyonce is moving on from seeking commercial success, hit singles and recording breaking sales and just wants to release the music she wants to release, which I can respect.


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