R.I.P Prince.

On April 21, the legend, Prince died at his home and studio, Paisley Park in Minnesota.I was shocked when I heard the news. It almost felt like when Michael Jackson died. Growing up, I heard a few of Prince’s songs in my house. I remember being forced to watch ‘Purple Rain’ at a young age with my mom. I remember him performing ‘Purple Rain’ at the Super Bowl while it actually rained. I always have and always will admire three things about Prince. The first being how much he did not care about what anyone thought. There are not many people who could get away with the things he wore and did. But Prince was able to get away with them because he was confident enough to do them. I also admire Prince’s passion for ‘real’ music. Prince enjoyed actual vocalists and instruments in music. In 2016, it is hard to find real singers and real instruments in songs. I know that was one of the things Prince enjoyed and advocated for. The third thing I admired about Prince was his activism in the music industry. He was not afraid to speak up against the ‘powers the be'(the labels). Whether it was writing “slave” on his face and changing his name to a symbol so he could not be owned or reaching out to other artists struggling with messy recording contracts, Prince always spoke out. Clearly, Prince was more than a musician but an activist as well a legend of course. His music will definitely live on and will never be forgotten.


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