Big Sean and Jhene Aiko are no stranger to amazing collabs, needless to say a mixtape was longer overdue. The Detroit Rapper and the Neo-Soul singer from LA finally teamed up and gave us this 8 track mixtape that we have all been waiting for, TWENTY88.
TWENTY88 opens up with a track ‘Deja Vu’. Deja Vu a mid-tempo song with a catchy chorus. Big Sean is able to deliver his witty punchlines while Jhene provides her vocals to the chorus. The song talks about the two reminiscing on their past relationship, however; they both have a different story of how it went down. Track 2 is titled ‘Selfish’ which talks about the two placing the blame on each other over a simple beat and an acoustic guitar. ‘2 Minute Warning’ is my personal favorite. It combines what sounds like 90’s R&B with this new wave alternative hip hop. It even features K-Ci&JoJO. ‘Talk Show’ is an interesting one. It is literally a talk show. The video features the two on what looks like a 1970’s talk relationship talk show. Big Sean’s verse on Talk Show is one of his best thus far.

Overall, TWENTY88 is a nice mixtape. I like how experimental it is, while still remaining true to Big Sean and Jhene’s typical sound. However, I would have loved to heard more of Jhene. Throughout the whole mixtape, Jhene gets two full verses. Other than that, she is supporting Sean on most songs singing the chorus while he raps. TWENTY88 is a cohesive 8 track mixtape. Big Sean definitely delivered and seemed to challenge himself. I still believe Big Sean is an underrated lyricist, but I am sure the general public will see this if he keeps it up. Jhene and Big Sean make great music together and I cannot wait to see what is next.


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