On April 22nd, A$AP released his second studio album ‘Always Strive and Prosper’.The first single from the album “New Level” ft. Future came out in December 2015, however; that song was not the best relection of the album as whole considering it is completely different! The first track on Always Strive And Prosper is called ‘Rebirth’. I find this ironic because this album seemed like a rebirth for A$AP Ferg. I am used to his hip-hop stuff ‘Work’, ‘Shabba’ and and ‘New Level’ so to hear Ferg rapping over pop/electro beats was different but not bad. Ferg worked with a lot of different producers this album. A lot of producers who typically do not make rap/hip-hop music. Skrillex, Stargate, Cashmere Cat, and more pop/EDM producers are featured on the album as well. Not all the songs on the album feature edm or pop beats. Tracks like ‘Let You Go’, ‘World Is Mine’ ft Big Sean, ‘I Love You’ ft Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign’ still offer that Hip-Hop sound we were expecting from Ferg.

This album is a lot different than anything I have ever heard A$AP Ferg do. It is honestly different than anything I have heard in hip-hop which is cool. However, this album is not my favorite. Although I do enjoy a few of the songs, it is not my genre of choice so it is hard to judge. What I do appreciate is the experimentation with the sound on this album. Hip-Hop is a hard genre to be in. It is often hard to experiment with your sound because people expect your music to sound like. I like how Ferg was not worried about his crossover. I like the inclusion of more EDM and pop producers on this album. I think more rappers should consider working with different types of producers. It definitely offers a more diverse album.


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