Shows I have attended this year

2016 has been the year of concerts for me. Whether it was me choosing to by a ticket, or watching while at work, so far I have gotten to a number of great shows. first show I got to see this year not like any other show that I have ever seen…it was a Black Sabbath concert. I am not too familiar with metal music, but after working the Black Sabbath show, I definitely got acquainted. Although it is not my preferred genre, I can now say that I have a newfound appreciation for metal music and for Ozzy Osbourne. Next up was Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour. Surprisingly, I was super excited to see this show at my job. Justin and his dancers put on a great show. Not too mention, he had a really cool stage. That same week was the Purple Reign tour. The Purple Reign tour was more of a large party than anything, but needless to say still a great time. Future was surprisingly a good performer. He kept his energy up which translated to us fans.

I was asked to help promote a band called the Rubens for my marketing job at a small show in San Francisco. The Rubens opened for another band called The Naked And Famous. After we were done working, we got to watch the whole show for free. The day of the show, I got tickets to Tinashe’s Joyride Tour. Tinashe really surprised me here. I knew she dances, sings live etc. but I did not realize the high level at which she performs during her shows. I was really impressed and I am excited to what else is coming from her. Another last minute show I got to attend was the Sage the Gemini show. I have some friends from high school who go to Santa Clara University who invited me to their annual Spring Concert. Like the Purple Reign Tour, Sage’s show was more of a large indoor party. It was also a lot of fun. This year I have definitely realized how much I love live music. Whether it is a sold out arena or if it is a small venue, I love to be there. Although buying last minute concert tickets may not be the smartest thing do, it makes me happy and is worth it almost every time.


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