New Music Fridays

Chicago Rapper ‘Chance The Rapper’ finally dropped his highly anticipated ‘project’ Coloring Book on Thursday, May 12th. For now, it is an Apple Music Exclusive. Chance is one of my favorite rappers, so I was excited to check this one out. It features 14 tracks, each different than the one before. You can tell that Chance has worked with Kanye West on this album. The beats a lot similar the ones found on The Life of Pablo. The first track “All We Got” is the most “Kanye”, and even features him. Although the album only has 14 tracks, it features over 20 artist. This is kind of rare for Chance, but something that Kanye is known for. Kanye’s influence on this album is apparent, but Chance still makes it his own. This is the type of hip-hop that is the best. It combines traditionally flow with catchy, electric beats. It is almost like combining two genres into one, or like creating a new genre. I have only listened to Coloring Book one time since it dropped only hours ago, but so far I love it. My favorite tracks are “Smoke Break” and “Summer Friends”.

Pop Singer Ariana Grande, who is expected to release her 3rd album next week, released an interesting new song featuring rapper “Future”. The song is called “Everyday”. It sounds like it is going to be a rock song when it starts, but eventually transitions into a pop song with trap and hip-hop influences. It is a catchy song with a great chorus. The chorus features both Ariana and Future singing on it. What is most interesting about the song is the pairing of the two. Ariana Grande has an “America’s Sweet Heart” reputation, while Future does not. I think this collaboration may come as a surprise to a lot of people. Future’s fans may even be kind of disappointed; however, it is a good song. To me, the collaboration does seem kind of random but then again I am not surprised. Future has hopped on plenty of pop records in the past. And Ariana has had rappers from A$AP Ferg to Mac Miller on her albums as well. Ariana’s album drops May 20th.


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